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Looking to accelerate a digital transformation or launch a new digital-native bank? We build and operate the world's leading digital only bank. Fidor Solutions has the technology, processes and people to make your plan a reality. 

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Our Mission

Fidor’s mission is to create better banking services in a connected world. Banking that is more relevant, more personal and more service-centric that ultimately leads to more money for the customer. 

fidorOS, the community-centric, bank-logic-embedded middleware platform, enables the next generation of banking. Banking with real-time digital communications and near-instant, fully automated processes. 

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Next Generation Banking

Fidor solution set comprises an interoperable layer of banking logic module wrapped in APIs. This software layer integrates into legacy core banking systems creating an open banking platform that enables banks to easily connect 3rd party applications.

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Fidor Banking Demo Account

Fidor Banking is a unique way to deal with your money. Our customers have multiple opportunities to invest and be rewarded. Precious metals and foreign currencies are only two of the many interesting ways to earn more with Fidor.

You can check out the functionalities offered by Fidor Bank with our Demo Account below.


6 min. full digital on-boarding

From its launch, O2 Banking made it easy and very fast for customers to enroll by using video identification.

60 second banking
With the 60 second banking, O2 makes it possible for customers to quickly enroll, get a instant loan or transact.

Data as a form of reward

O2 Banking has been designed for Millennials who enjoy banking on the move and have an emotional connection with their mobile phone. For this reason, O2 Banking provides rewards as a form of free Data in line with their customers expectations.


O2 Banking Case Study

The smartphone-turned-bank

A full German bank account, including a MasterCard with a contactless function. Fast registration with O2 customer data and identification via Video Identification. An intuitive, mobile user interface. Transactions can be made with phone numbers or emails and modern features, such as a detailed overview of transactions, small instant loans, and push notifications.

Within 12 months O2 has introduced the first mobile banking app with full banking services to their customer base. O2 is now able to upsell data volumes for banking app usage by increasing customer life time value. Release 1 is just the start of a joint service roadmap. More to come very soon...

Fidor: Celent Model Bank
of the Year 2015

Each year, Celent researches the world to identify one bank that exemplifies the future of banking.

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We support your Business globally

Fidor Worldwide

Fidor Solutions is a global firm operating across Europe, the UK, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia.  As we expand, we do not so much choose markets to enter but people and companies with which to partner. Our mission is to enable innovators to provide better banking, worldwide. 

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Fidor Events

Since its origin, Fidor's speakers have been inspiring attendees on many conferences around the globe discussing topic ranging from open banking, digital transformation, banking through community forums and more. Request for our speakers here.

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