We co-entrepreneur with forward-thinking organisations to design
customer-led digital banks from the ground up.


It's all you need
to run a bank

Fidor provides all the expertise you need to bring your banking project to life. We think, design, test, build and go to market. Our innovative banking platform, fidorOS (fOS), packs all the necessary banking functions you need, from onboarding, card and account management and credit products to analytics. One platform manages them all!


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We give digital banking a meaning

It's not about the technology you use to serve your customers, but about how you use technology to make your customers feel like Number 1.
It's all about making banking convenient, easier, accessible and rewarding for your customers.
We build your bank so it brings tangible value to your customers.
Our unique approach generates amazing results.


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Are you an established bank? We can boost performance!

A lot can happen in 60 seconds with fidorOS: getting an emergency loan, paying friends on social media, sending money to the other side of the world… The performance boost is dramatic.


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Not a bank and want to become one?

We recognize the needs of consumer-led organizations. We’ve helped retail, transport, insurance or telecom firms expand their business model with unique banking services. We help you blend what excites your customers – free data, loyalty points, miles or whatever else your customers enjoy getting from you – with cool banking features. Just let us bring our license (if you need one), our cutting-edge technology and a full range of SaaS services. You bring your brand identity, your ideas and set your own limits!


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We are open

As a first adopter of Open Banking principles and API, we designed our fidorOS platform to be light-years ahead of traditional solutions. It quickly became an industry breakthrough –able to run an entire digital bank while ensuring growth and simplifying collaboration with third parties. Our vision for openness translated not only into our technology but also our corporate culture. We believe in sharing, co-creating and bringing value to each other.


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As a service company, we design solutions tailored to your needs.
Every project we create has its own uniqueness. The services below are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can do for you!

Every project starts with
entrepreneurial thinking

Engage with us to kick off an inception phase that helps align your vision with
our six key pillars for success:


Business      Technical      Operational      Compliance      Customer journey      Real business cases

Count on our team of experts to prototype and test innovations that fast-track your
project launch. Our proven method helps us fully define your project and work towards
a clear MVP, shrinking the time to go live. For example, we delivered o2 Banking
by Telefonica Deutschland in less than six months.


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How to describe us?

Consider us a fintech with a banking license – or a bank with a fintech mindset.
Either way, both have to go together if you want to sustain and grow in today’s digital era!

We are bankers, technologists and strategists with an entrepreneurial mindset. We come from various industries – banking, gaming, retail, hospitality – with only one focus in mind: the customer. Our passion for fintech has led us to the incredible journey of building our own challenger bank: Fidor Bank, with over half a million members. The success of Fidor Bank comes from our customer-centric culture coupled with fidorOS, our open banking platform that leads industry transformation.

The high performance of fOS generated atypical collaborations with bankers, retailers, telecom operators and more to create groundbreaking customer-centric banks. We bring you banking, technology, customer engagement and go-to-market expertise through Fidor group entities: Fidor Solutions, Fidor Bank and Fidor Factory. Our acquisition by Groupe BPCE, France’s 2nd largest banking group, signals the beginning of an incredible journey for global expansion.

Fidor Solutions      Fidor Bank      Fidor Factory      Groupe BPCE 


Meet the Fidor Group    

Meet the team

Matthias Kroener

Co-founder & CEO

Michael Maier

Co-founder & Deputy CEO

Ge Drossaert

Group Chief Commercial Officer

Brad Whittfield

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Hibbard

Chief Product Officer

Marc Grimme

Chief Technology Officer

Sophie Guibaud

VP Europe

Hassan Nassan

Business Solutions

Tracy Chang

VP Professional

Geert Ensing

Chief Information Officer

Ed Boyle

General Manager

Michael Schmale

Chief Delivery Officer

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