We co-entrepreneur with like-minded organisations to create digital banks that bring real value to customers.



It's all you need to run a bank!

A fintech with a banking licence or a bank with a fintech mindset is what describes us. To sustain and grow in the digital era both cannot be dissociated!

We are bankers, technologists and strategists with an entrepreneur mindset. Our passion for fintech has led us to the incredible journey of building our own challenger bank with over half a million members.

We designed fidorOS, our open banking platform that led industry transformation; and resulted in atypical collaborations with bankers, retailers, telecom operators to create awesome customer-centric banks.

Today’s consumers are more and more digital savvy. Your organisation must align with their expectations for social, mobile, convenience and speed of service. Keeping this in mind, Fidor offers all the necessary expertise to bring your banking project to life. We think, design, test, build and go to market. We packed all the necessary tools from onboarding, card and account management to analytics into a single platform, the fidorOS. One platform to manage them all!


> Open API platform for easy integration

> Real-time data architecture

> Deep customer engagement and co-creation principles

> Inception, ideation and go to market

> PSD2 and Open Banking aware

> Fintech mindset, multinational execution

> EU Banking licence as a service

> Pay as you grow

> On-premises, SaaS, AWS or private Cloud


At Fidor we focus on providing banking that makes sense for customers. It's all about making banking convenient, easier, accessible and rewarding for them. Our unique approach has generated amazing results. The below is far from being an exhaustive list of our capabilities!

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Bank as a Platform

Digital Banking Accelerator is the perfect solution for incumbent banks looking at leveraging on the fidorOS digital banking platform on top of their existing core banking system.

Bank as a Service

Our white Label BaaS and BPO offering makes it possible for challenger banks to go to market in a couple of months using Fidor’s bank licence across Europe or their own.

Payment as a Service

No more compliance and regulatory hassle! We take care of it all! We process payments, account and card management on behalf of banks willing to outsource these specialised functions to Fidor

Bank as a Marketplace

Finance Bay: Fidor's marketplace is a true example of successful Bank/Fintech collaboration. As a bank, you cherry pick services from the marketplace you want to offer to your customers. As a fintech, you can join the marketplace to reach out to new customers.

API & Sandbox

We have dedicated resources for developers and fintechs who wish to explore our APIs: a discussion forum, API descriptions and documentation. Read more

We understand consumer-led organisations

We collaborate with traditional banks that want to overcome legacy and resistance
to provide a better customer experience.

We combine the beauty of retail, transport, insurance or telecom business models
to launch banks that are customer centric and relevant to their audiences:
airmiles, free data, loyalty points, cash back and more...


Start up





Every project starts with entrepreneur-like thinking

Every project kicks off with an inception phase that aligns your vision!

Our team of experts will prototype and test innovations to fast track your project launch. Our method helps us focus on a clear MVP ensuring reduced time to go live as low as 5 months.

> Business
> Compliance

> Technology
> Customer Journey

> Operations
> Business Cases



Easy customer on-boarding
The onboarding is fully digital with options for instant video identification or post identification based on the customer's preference. The entire process is achieved within 5 min with the delivery of an e-card ready to use.

60 second banking
O2 Banking follows Fidor Bank's 60 sec process which enables transactions to be completed quickly ensuring best customer satisfaction. Sending money to anyone becomes quick and easy.

O2 data as a reward
With bonus given as free data, which can be earned and shared with peers, Fidor demonstrates the best of two digital worlds that of banking services via a mobile app and being able to provide additional services from an O2 mobile contract.

O2 Banking Telefónica Deutschland
The smartphone-turned-bank

  • a full German bank account
  • a contacless MasterCard
  • Quick onboarding through video or post identification
  • an intuitive mobile user interface
  • transactions via phone book, email
  • credit products: emergency loan, credit card
  • PFM: graphical view of spending and opportunities to save
  • Alertes and notifications

O2/Fidor was introduced in a couple of months. It was the first mobile banking app with full banking services.

Today, O2 is able to upsell data volumes for banking app usage by increasing customer life time value.

Release 1 is just the beginning of an incredible collaboration. More to come very soon...

Fidor: Celent Model Bank
of the Year 2015

Model Bank is the main award that a financial institution can win from Celent. In 2015, Fidor Bank Germany was awarded this prestigious title in recognition for its excellent customer engagement and its technology-powered very unique business model.

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Fidor leading industry transformer by Burnmark and the Financial Brand

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