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Fidor is the leading innovator for digital financial services

Our Vision & Mission

Fidor's vision is a world of better banking services in a connected world, more relevant, more personal, including better services and products that lead to more money in the customers life.
Fidor provides existing financial, retail, and telecom institutions, as well as startup banks the chance to bring digital technology to the heart of their businesses.

Fidor is at the forefront of digital innovation and financial technology, providing tailored products and services that enable its clients to offer a customer-focused digital experience.

In actively driving innovation as a co-entrepreneur Fidor creates helpful value added services, products and solutions that are globally adopted.

Fidor's Story

As software and solution services company founded in 2013, we created the first world's open banking platform for Fidor Bank, the innovative and award-winning Social Bank in Germany and the UK,
The so-called Fidor operating system "fidor OS" - a digital banking and community middleware solution - is the true enabler of that next generation of banking. A generation that visits the bank digitally, that expects to be able to communicate with a bank directly over social media and by visiting a community of peers. A customer that expects to be treated as an individual with influence and who is rewarded for their loyalty and trust.

Fidor (AG) is a subsidiary of Fidor Bank (AG), headquartered in Munich, Germany with offices in New York, Dubai and London. 

Fidor Leadership Team

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At Fidor we believe, that there is a lot of work to be done to fix banking services in a connected world. Do you agree?


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