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Why Fidor?

Fidor is derived from the latin for Trust. We created Fidor Bank, a digital-only bank based around community forums, in the midst of the banking crisis. Why? Because there was a need for more open and transparent banking.

Technology was at the core of our strategy and we did bet on APIs from the start. When we designed fidorOS – a cutting-edge digital platform using open APIs – it quickly became a breakthrough for the next generation of banking. Today we take pride in staying at the forefront of digital innovation, and partner with banks and non banks that share our vision of a better banking experience, more relevant and rewarding for the consumer.

Fidor Solutions insists in the concept of bringing 'solutions'. We have a very unique offering that combines banking expertise, consulting services from designing your digital bank concept to helping you recruit your first '1000' customers in addition to providing our technology to efficiently run your bank.

In essence, we provide existing financial, retail, and telecom institutions – as well as startup banks – the chance to bring digital technology to the heart of their businesses.


Our Timeline


EU banking licence was granted


Fidor decide to carve out its technology department


Fidor Bank launch in the UK market


O2, Telefonica launch the first mobile banking app using Fidor's No Stack Banking solution

Fidor Solutions deploy internationally

Groupe BPCE acquire Fidor Bank and Fidor Solutions

Matthias Kröner

"We are re-imagining everything about banking, building from the ground up.”

Our Team

The success of Fidor would not be possible without its employees, customers, leaders, investors. Who would have thought that one company could bring together such a unique collection of highly skilled professionals? Coming from the hospitality, gaming, financial, and telecom industries, they have joined to create a better banking customer experience. 
The strength of Fidor relies on the diversity of its people, who strive to innovate and share ideas. We were able to create a truly differentiated, yet relevant banking experience by embracing our differences and focusing on our shared common goal. 


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Fidor Solutions has no boundaries. We work seamlessly together as one firm to serve our clients wherever they need us. We make our collective knowledge, experience and global network available to our clients in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and the APAC region.

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