Fidor Group


The Social Banking Approach

We provide better banking for a better world. 





We Build Digital Banks

We co-entrepreneur with forward-thinking organisations to design
customer-led digital banks from the ground up.



Inhouse Full Service Provider

We consult, concept, brand and design, we enhance customer stickiness and conversions for B2B and B2C services.



Fidor Bank

// A neo-bank taking Europe "by storm"

Fidor Bank is Europe’s first digital challenger bank. Founded in 2009 in Germany, Fidor became the world’s first “Fintech bank" by pioneering collaboration between traditional financial services and technology businesses.

Fidor Bank provides a customer-centric banking service with digitalisation and Web 2.0. This means speed as well as the development of modern products and services such as crowdfunding, virtual currency trading and 60-second bank transfers.

Our banking concept offers consumers an online community in which they can give and receive financial advice, offering them rewards for doing so, such as cash or improved current account and savings bond interest rates.

// Social Banking for your digital lifestyle

Fidor Bank, the  "world's first digital-only, customer-centric bank" was born in the midst of the banking crisis. Why? The need for open and transparent banking was necessary.

We take pride in staying at the forefront of digital innovation by partnering with banks and consumer organizations that share our vision of giving consumers a more relevant and rewarding banking experience.

The growth of the Fidor online community has been extraordinary, and currently hosts more than half-a-million members.

Success has spawned European expansion. We launched our retail banking offer in the UK in September 2015 and arrived in France in 2017.

Fidor Solutions

// Provider for banking infrastructure

Fidor Solutions provides the innovative digital backbone for Fidor Bank. In addition, we co-entrepreneur with partner banks as well as non-financial institutions and deliver the necessary technology, services and expertise to design and drive their own digital banking project.

Technology was at the core of Fidor strategy right from the start. We are a pioneer of Open API Banking and created fidorOS (fOS) – a cutting-edge digital platform using open APIs – which quickly opened the door into the next generation of banking.

Our core offerings include our Bank as a Service offering, the Digital Banking Accelerator, Fidor Payments Avenue and Fidor Market marketplace.

// Strategic solutions

Fidor Solutions focuses on providing solutions. Our unique offering combines banking expertise with consulting services that guide you from designing your digital bank concept to helping you recruit your first 1,000 customers to providing our technology to efficiently run your bank.

We help existing financial, retail and telecom institutions – as well as startup banks –bring digital technology to the heart of their businesses. 


// Service and communication for Fidor customers

Fidor Factory GmbH is a digital agency that oversees all customer communications and services of Fidor Group globally. The company’s main activities include managing the group’s PR, communications, and customer relationship management, as well as addressing direct customer dialogues.

As an in-house digital marketing solution specialist, Fidor Factory GmbH has been involved at all stages of Fidor Bank’s growth, right from the beginning in 2009 to the roll-out of its offering across the globe presently. Fidor Factory GmbH is based in Berlin and Munich and is a 100% subsidiary of Fidor Bank AG.