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How can Banks drive Customer Engagement and Self-Service?


About webinar:

During this pandemic, Banks are struggling to support their customers, and are not able to assess and provide rapid solutions to their problems.

Banks need to leverage non-traditional solutions to keep their customers happy, protect their margins and acquire the right resources that can work in an autonomous way with a proven operating model and a manageable tech stack.

Watch the on-demand webinar session to find out:

  • Why do banks require digital channels to engage and support customers?

  • What kind of Digital Service and Engagement Platform solutions should banks have and how to use them?

  • How to set up processes to support customers quickly and in the best possible way?




Muhammed Ameer Hasan, Fidor Business Solutions Consultant

Hasan possesses vast banking knowledge with experience of designing digital banks and building ‘Banking as a Service’ solutions across Africa and Asia. Combining this with his previous experience in Finance and customization of ERP systems, enables him to be able to build innovative and complete digital banking solutions.

Amjad Ramahi, Fidor Business Solutions Consultant

Amjad brings a wealth of digital transformation knowledge, with experience of reviewing, planning, designing and implementing financial solutions across different industries which include previous automation project experiences in invoice processing, purchase to pay and customer onboarding journeys. These numerous experiences drive his ability to gather requirements to build innovative and complete digital banking solutions

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