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  • Ccc79c2afefb7e1cff28f74390a62f63b710f7301975

    Fidor Solutions partners with SIA in Europe

    03. March 2021

    1 March 2021 – Fidor Solutions, a 100 % subsidiary of Sopra Banking Software, has signed a partnership agreement with SIA, a leading European hi-tech company in payment services and infrastructures, controlled by CDP Equity, to launch its new instant payments service in Germany and in other European countries. Read more...

  • 9621ba404bc1b834945e155cfba677d4a5a329561956

    Acquisition of Fidor Solutions by Sopra Steria

    31. January 2021

    On November 16, we publicly announced the intended acquisition of Fidor Solutions by Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, and we are happy to inform you that the transaction has now been successfully concluded. Read more...

  • 7f7061efc3025edc99c96573b9bb4bef4b632f401925

    Financial Inclusion-Fidor's Vision for the Future

    17. November 2020

    Going it alone isn’t the way to fast forward financial inclusion – banks need to look to collaborate. Community, knowledge, collaboration – these are three powerful drivers behind Fidor's passion for financial inclusion. We are determined to help banks break down the barriers that prevent easy onboarding of unbanked and underserved communities, in all types of economy, globally. Read more...

  • D394d7f887c7b224f0af33c37105f3a7cc1cb5041918

    Financial Inclusion Powered by Technology

    09. November 2020

    There is no one way to solve financial inclusion. The needs of the financially excluded differ according to region, country and personal or family circumstance. Factors include regulatory regimes, geographical constraints and political will to name but a few. Approaches may be bottom-up or top-down and launched by a variety of agents including banks, telcos, tech players and more. Read more...

  • 248ef29845c32465f50bf7d2f160a6e7461cf6b71892

    How fidorOS platform helped ADIB create their community-focused digital banking platform? 

    22. September 2020

    Fidor was able to provide ADIB with a truly simple to use but highly innovative community-focused platform, based on the Fidor operating system, that plugged directly into ADIB’s existing core banking system. Read more...

  • B245c5e71f6c00d2722071bbd4c8dc6fbbcf15b91835

    How do Banks maximize Customer Lending and 3rd Party Innovation?

    25. June 2020

    Widespread banks branch closure gives the limited capability for loan origination with very little self-service capabilities for individuals and businesses to originate digitally or on-call efficiently at a scale.  The reality is that it is not at all easy to be a bank in these times, as a bank has to balance between limiting your exposure and risk to the very rapidly changing market conditions. Read more...

  • 9a89463683f7f1baf2d339bb7513b1c68c5c9ddf1830

    Why should Banks adopt Digital Onboarding Capability?

    18. June 2020

    Worldwide bank branch closure is a factor that may contribute to the spread of digital onboarding tools in markets where FIs still heavily rely on in-person authentication checks. In fact some incumbent banks have already begun to build some digital onboarding capability. But just having a solution to Onboard customers 'online does not suffice. It has to be truly digital eliminating as many manual entries and checks as possible because Inefficient onboarding abandonment rate and customer support requests are on the rise. Read more...

  • C7914744a94929c1125d523312415e7191f41f261919

    Moneysmart – An award winning community banking platform in Finance

    15. June 2020

    This year ADIB has been named an 'Innovator in Islamic Finance' for 2020 by Global Finance magazine, marking the fourth consecutive year that ADIB's innovations have been commended by the publication's judging panel. One of ADIB's digital banking services that contributed to the award was, the online community that connects users to share financial knowledge and experiences. Read more...

  • 9cbdf8fc244e7a8f76d30230b25b60db8e8f46d71815

    How can Banks drive Customer Engagement and Self-Service?

    07. June 2020

    In the past months, we have witnessed Banks struggling to support their Customers, and not being able to, assess, and provide rapid solutions to their problems. With COVID-19 not slowing down, there’s an increased likelihood of further Branch Closures and limited Customer Support Teams. Traditional banks are removing products as they cannot keep up with the constant changes and uncertainty. Banks need to leverage non-traditional solutions to keep their customers happy, protect their margins and acquire the right resources that can work in an autonomous way with a proven operating model and a manageable tech stack. Read more...

  • 13600803a49bc3ec74fc6f5f1db5ef2db267b08a1820

    How Fidor Community can support your bank amidst Coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak?

    19. March 2020

    Our Community can substantially scale down the need to expand customer support at your end in circumstances where your existing customers require support on fee waivers or refunds, changing due dates, extending credit lines,  accommodating hardship programs or communicating important notices. All of this can be initiated through our quick response communication channel that favours a huge customer base. Your bank can seamlessly acquire customers on a cost-effective basis and minimize financial service disruptions during operational challenges. Thus recommending your existing employees to work remotely may not be a hassle after all. Read more...

  • 79c2d9fd4701828e5e3a703205f2e18f1a75156f1606

    Why community should be at the heart of the bank

    20. June 2019

    As banks continue to prioritise online over physical channels, traditionalists still complain that banks have lost touch with their role in the centre of their communities. If banks want to keep their brand visible in today’s world, relying on traditional marketing is no longer enough. Instead, communities will play a vital role. Increasingly, because banks are no longer at the heart of the community, community has to become the heart of the bank. Read more...

  • 7653ee9e57edcb6fa3bb57bea1c1bc51b9b370971552

    O2 wins Celent Business Model Innovation Award

    23. April 2019

    Celent recognizes O2 Banking (Germany) as the winner of the 2019 Model Bank: Business Model Innovation Award for their initiative Blending Banking and Telecom Worlds. A German digital bank born from the shared vision of a telecom firm Telefónica Germany and a fintech bank Fidor Bank. It is a concept that blends both the telecom and the modern banking worlds, offering customers creative rewards. Read more...

  • D3c558a6d7de79073960cc49c95dfa65753c2e381550

    Marketplace Banking Case Study

    15. April 2019

    Celent released a case study on Fidor's marketplace which was awarded the prestigious “Celent Model Bank of the Year” based on clear business benefits, innovation and implementation excellence. Get access to your free copy. Read more...

  • 181baa6c17f9e000028955fdec2b73c70b103e621459

    Celent recognises Fidor for new E-commerce inspired Marketplace, Efficient Scale

    15. April 2019

    Fidor has today been recognised by Celent as a winner of a “Model Bank of the Year” for its novel marketplace, Efficient Scale. The award was presented at a formal awards ceremony during the annual Innovation and Insight Day in New York. Read more...

  • 26b845c15347708cea566cff40438c78144404561547

    2019 will be the year of AI and Machine Learning

    13. March 2019

    Hassan Nasser, Fidor 's VP Product & Innovation, shares his predictions for 2019 including Bank & FinTech collaboration status and the combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic to automate labour-intensive processes. Read more...

  • Ef25f7dce6a772a4b185823f7333357eb5ed3e4f1545

    Financial Inclusion

    14. February 2019

    Financial inclusion, For Fidor it’s not a task, it’s an obligation. Google Trends shows very clearly that search queries for financial inclusion have increased worldwide since 2017 at the latest. But there are major differences. While even today the number of search queries in Germany is barely measurable, the situation is different in Africa where Google searches are very much on the rise. And now consider these results in the light of the emerging mini debate on the topic in German media. Read more...

  • C7348594cf7612905699361399966f69998ade6c1531

    Fidor Bank among first of German banks to roll-out Apple Pay support

    07. November 2018

    Fidor Bank has become one of Germany's first banks to integrate with Apple Pay - the service that is transforming mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay that’s fast and convenient. Customers will enjoy the Apple Pay experience at a number of retail and supermarket chains including Aldi, Lidl, Kaufland, Edeka, DM, Aral and Shell. Read more...

  • C7f1d9383b89c49e924301bdf9f5fad39e8a1d0c1530

    Fidor Market Wins Best Banking Platform from Juniper Research

    30. October 2018

    Fidor Market is a platform that offers a one stop shop for a holistic financial experience. It gives access to a range of fintech offerings from insurance, crowdlending, financing, trading, mobile and TV products in addition to essential tools for consumers and businesses. And all of them have been carefully approved by Fidor. Read more...

  • 0935889e9ab38eb02b218c73a74e50b6d021201f1454

    Fidor on Fintech Insider Podcast

    25. September 2018

    Sophie Guibaud, Managing Director Europe, Fidor talks to Fintech Insider about creating communities in banking Read more...

  • 3cc786804baf74fdf2348817163e8f77ac8297391290

    Mash-up! How Banking-as-a-Service is remixing finance

    13. June 2018

    Greater flexibility, faster to market, a better customer experience - is BaaS the new banking gold standard? a blog post by Gé Drossaert, Vorstand/Board Member and Group CCO at Fidor Read more...

  • 4a34d2be52a829bc5aa8c30bbc91933f5bcd884d1288

    GDPR & Customer Experience

    31. May 2018

    GDPR might have seemed like a massive administrative burden over the past few weeks but it’s a wonderful opportunity to provide a better experience for your customers. Read more...

  • 3f1fc612655b85c05c31e64ed190d8070a05ed041282

    Juniper Research named Fidor as a leading disruptor

    16. May 2018

    Juniper Research highlights that Fidor is actively driving industry transformation through B2B co-innovation and regional initiatives. Read more...

  • 977f29b6e51824806c61649787293d8260463baa1285

    Webinar: Open Banking, are you ready?

    14. May 2018

    Michael Maier, co-founder, Fidor will join Louise Beaumont co-chair at Open Banking Working Group and Christian Ball Head of Retail Banking at GFT to debate on Open Banking during a webinar hosted by Bobsguide and GFT Read more...

  • 23e94769d4422d49be2f4b4a4b607e26f291953b1257

    Celent highlights Fidor Group's innovative use of APIs in banking

    03. May 2018

    “Fidor is redefining the customer experience by taking advantage of architectural openness, partner ecosystems, and a community focus." Read the report Read more...

  • Ee2e60f3774374babc5c324dd10520d8417235a91278

    Maximising the use of customer data

    24. April 2018

    Sophie Guibaud, from Fidor, talking to Fintech Finance about how they are maximising use of customer data. Read more...

  • 8bf5428f3d501f19b31db4ca91819f2b896b74811263

    Agent of change

    09. April 2018

    Matthias Kröner talks to Linked in and Cap Gemini sharing what matters most around customer experience as well as customers’ trust of banks and FinTech firms. He also shares the guiding vision of Fidor and the experience of being acquired by a bank. Read more...

  • 56bbb605a1eef994ccaa0d029b1aa7d4841640921279

    PSD2 will spark a revolution in financial services - but it won't happen overnight

    15. January 2018

    Fidor Bank's Sophie Guibaud says some banks are doing the bare minimum to comply and most are unprepared for the opportunities PSD2 brings. Read more...

  • 229a0a5176e87f846f65a3830fa5b9e07bb95be11261

    Predictions for 2018

    20. December 2017

    Sophie Guibaud, VP European Expansion shares her industry predictions for 2018. Read more...

  • 08c4b08b93cc3e794150d24ef2197a36ad0778401277

    Artificial intelligence can help banks retain customers

    20. October 2017

    The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in financial services is growing all the time but is dismissed by some as purely a gimmick however, AI offers many exciting possibilities in the banking sector. Sophie Guibaud, explains how AI will boost banks’ efforts to attract and retain customers. Read more...

  • 4282306c379b7b87981f62e38a01ab3d1cda96a01264

    API Deep Dive, Why meeting regulatory requirements is not enough for banks to remain relevant?

    17. August 2017

    This paper shares Fidor's experience with banks that wish to become more open. It will look at the role APIs are set to play in the open banking world, and how they will dictate which organisations will prosper. Read more...

  • E8c13fd33dc080de00fded22f4ab05f2aac1b7441266

    Rethinking Banking with Fidor Bank

    07. February 2017

    Sophie Guibaud explains Fidor's unique business model from co-creating with customers, co-innovating with partners while continuing to drive a change in mindset for more openness. Read more...

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