Fidor Market Wins Best Banking Platform from Juniper Research

Published on 30. October 2018

Award Winning Fidor Market ‘poised to make considerable market impact’

Eight hundred thousand members can’t be wrong. And Fidor believes in listening to the wisdom of the market. So when its 800,000 strong membership told Fidor through its community forum that they wanted to use fintech services but didn’t know where to start, who to trust and how they’d benefit, Fidor realised that it knew how to solve the problem. It saw that there was a role for a curated marketplace of fintech services and products that would open up a range of exciting opportunities for its customers while offering them the reassurance they craved.


Fidor Market is a platform that offers a one stop shop for a holistic financial experience. It gives access to a range of fintech offerings from insurance, crowdlending, financing, trading, mobile and TV products in addition to essential tools for consumers and businesses. And all of them have been carefully approved by Fidor. The effect for the customer is of visiting an up-market supermarket, where they find a range carefully chosen fintech services, all selected to meet their needs. It’s a low stress way of selecting the tools they want to improve their lives, without the hassle and risk of poring through comparison sites or picking a service at random.


Fidor beta tested the Market service for two years with its customers. Now the ecosystem stands at 90 with companies like Allianz, MTV, eToro, Ayondo participating. And it has just been recognised with a coveted industry award - in October 2018 Fidor Market won Best Banking Platform from Juniper Research.


Juniper gives its Future Digital Awards for Fintech and Payments to companies that Juniper believes have made significant progress within their sector during the previous year, and are now poised to make considerable market impact in the future. That certainly describes Fidor Market because now Fidor Market is available as a platform to other banks wanting to offer the same advantage to their customers. Banks simply connect to the Market, customise it with their own brand identity and pick and choose the fintech offerings they wish to present to their customers, using a simple drag and drop process.


“Fidor Market is a collaboration-based platform dedicated to offering customers choice with reassurance. So it’s fantastic to be chosen by Juniper Research as their Best Banking Platform. Our focus at Fidor is to always enable customers - new and existing - to take control of their financial lives in a way that makes sense, whatever that means for them,” said Matthias Kröner, founder and CEO of Fidor. He added, “Banks wanting to do the same for their customers can themselves be reassured that Fidor Market has got the approval of the industry with this important award, and even more significantly, of our customers with their enthusiastic use of the service. So if you are a bank that wants to offer your customers a marketplace service, why keep them waiting while you spend years on development and testing? Fidor has already done it for you, so contact us now to get the service to your customers as soon as possible.”