How Fidor Community can support your bank amidst Coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak?

Published on 19. March 2020

How can Fidor Community support your Bank?

The current Coronavirus pandemic has brought the global economy to its knees and with financial regulatory bodies insisting certain actions, a possibility of widespread bank branch closure can be expected. Banks worldwide may experience a big blow as they prepare for this anticipation much triggered by situations of being understaffed or digitally unequipped to facilitate countermeasures to the developing outbreak.

The need of the hour is to advance into a digital bank and make banking services like customer support, lending, payments and opening a bank account a digital norm, and what’s a better way to begin a digital transition than having your own online banking community?


How can Fidor Community help?

We perceived the need for openness, transparency and trust that required new methods of communication and engagement at a time when people are visiting physical branches less and less. So we created a support and engagement platform that can be integrated into your banking ecosystem.


Our Community can substantially scale down the need to expand customer support at your end in circumstances where your existing customers require support on fee waivers or refunds, changing due dates, extending credit lines,  accommodating hardship programs or communicating important notices. All of this can be initiated through our quick response communication channel that favours a huge customer base. Your bank can seamlessly acquire customers on a cost-effective basis and minimize financial service disruptions during operational challenges. Thus recommending your existing employees to work remotely may not be a hassle after all.


USP’s of Fidor Community

  • Accelerate customer support turnaround time
  • Can go live in a matter of days
  • Reduce the cost of customer acquisition
  • Faster, and more direct, response Vs traditional customer service channels
  • Great opportunity to build trust with your non-native digital customers
  • A quick digital solution for your concerned customers to communicate key updates


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