What is the fidorOS platform

  • A proven open banking platform that helps build and run an entire digital bank whose distinct social and human touch gives you a distinct competitive advantage 
  • A hassle-free platform that quickly and easily brings your digital banking project to life
  • A nimble digital backbone that can boost performance even for established banks that keep their core legacy system

fidorOS is all these things – and more!

The making of fidorOS

When we decided to enter the banking industry, we envisioned a new and more humanized form of banking. We wanted our bank to be open and transparent, easy and convenient, social and rewarding. We screened the market and could not find the technology capable of delivering such service.

So, we made a bold decision. We resolved to build our own operating system, one that had the qualities we felt banking should have.

Today fidorOS is recognized as an industry transformer. It makes it possible to launch a bank in months while providing a much better customer experience.

Today we share our key learnings with you. We co-create digital banks that are meaningful to customers.

Keeping the essential within control

We created the fidorOs (fOS) platform to provide essential banking functions that customers expect, yet transform banking so it more clearly focuses on what customers will find relevant and best for them.

fOS handles all your customers’ banking needs through its fully integrated front end layer, API layer, banking modules and core functions.

  • Front end layer: Select our ready-to-use, white-labelled responsive internet and mobile application, or plug your existing channels into fOS.
  • API Layer: Use our API adapters and API management system to connect to any third party.
  • fidorOS essential modules: Enjoy vital banking modules like core customer account, payment and data management and onboarding functions, as well as transformative features like customer engagement through a community forum and invaluable customer intelligence through advanced analytics.


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Delivers Frictionless Banking

No cash and no paper are required for fOS to perform its tasks. As per Fidor’s vision, if it’s not fully automated, it’s not an asset! 

What does this mean for customers?

The onboarding process is greatly simplified. The full KYC process can be done digitally through video identification, and an e-card is delivered right away. No lengthy application forms or waiting time required.

The same is true for emergency loans. Credit scoring is performed upfront, which makes it possible for a loan to be disbursed instantly.

This is banking as it should be!


Check out the Fidor Bank success story

Key features

   Digital onboarding is accomplished through video and card scans.


   60-second P2P Payments are available between those in the Fidor community, or through social media, email or phone.

   Transfers include Instant SEPA, ACH Payments or country-specific transfers.

   Credit solutions include credit card, emergency loans, social lending and more.

   The community platform encourages deep customer engagement with your brand.

   A marketplace for partner offerings enables crowdfunding, trading and more for your customers, and new revenue streams for you.


   A real-time dashboard gives you invaluable insights into customer needs and behaviors.

   A loyalty program can be customized to fit any industry, offering air miles, free data or whatever your customers appreciate from you.


   fidorOS fully prepares you to fulfill PSD2 and Open Banking directives.

Open Banking ahead of PSD2

Want to prepare for the open bank revolution? As a first adopter of open APIs, Fidor brings you a platform that has API expertise, is highly performant and fully open – well ahead of major industry regulations like the PSD2 and Open Banking directives.

Adopting fidorOS as a means to becoming an open bank also gives you the opportunity that comes with PSD2 and Open Banking standards to tap into new data-driven business models.

fidorOS lets you partner with FinTechs, helping you fast-track the delivery of innovative features. You throw open the door to the future of banking!


Some thoughts on PSD2

Connect with customers

Customer engagement has never been so deep, transparent and human as fidorOS makes it. The fidorOS platform’s community module is fully integrated with banking functions. This not only increases loyalty among existing customers, but also has become the source of 50% of client acquisitions.

By giving a voice to customers, we created communities that interact: people advise each other, gain in financial literacy and review products and peers – all while earning badges and financial rewards for those interactions.

And in a society that is data-driven, what’s better than having customers interacting with other and self-segmenting themselves into groups based on similar lifestyle and interests? You can stop guessing what customers want; you know and can provide them with a personalized experience.


Discover Fidor Community

A Modular architecture

The fidorOS platform’s modular architecture includes modules for banking, analytics, card management, loyalty and more, all of which interact in real time.

Like Lego blocks, fOS lets you add or remove components to tailor your platform to your precise needs. This lets you adapt your business models to new scenarios for growth and innovation.


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Core Functions

There are two ways to adopt the fidorOS platform:

Choose a pre-integrated core banking system that performs general ledger functions to power challenger banks or banks that want to transform quickly.

Or plug it into your existing infrastructure to boost your performance, gain in agility and become an open bank. fOS is agnostic to any core banking system. 


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Grow your revenue with Big Data

A data-driven platform gives you the information you need to make informed decisions for your strategy. fidorOS architecture includes a data layer that analyzes structured and unstructured data from all customer touch points, which gives you better understanding of customer patterns and behaviors.

In addition, our Fidor Market takes your understanding of your customers’ financial needs beyond their current accounts. It provides invaluable data across their entire financial management journey: trading, investment, financial needs and more. Unleash the power of data with fOS.


Discover Fidor Market    



Open API for easy integration

FinTech and bank partners can take up to two weeks to connect to Fidor Market once past the due diligence phase.


Core Banking Agnostic

fidorOS plugs into any core banking system, including proprietary and leading core banking brands.


Off-the-shelf banking products

A full set of banking products are ready to be deployed, including current account, physical and virtual cards, payments and P2P, credit products and more.


Licensing or Pay-as-you-grow

Flexible terms ensure that your payments remain in line with your returns; you pay based on your customers’ usage.


Fidor Market: your marketplace

This plug-in marketplace provides FinTech, InsurTech and TradeTech products that bring your customers convenience. This speeds your time to market and provides you with subscription-based revenues.


On premises, SaaS, AWS or private cloud

A host of deployment models lets you choose the model that best fits your needs, based on country regulation and your preference.

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