An open banking ecosystem

Fidor products and solutions complete an interoperable layer including an API infrastructure to create an open platform enabling banks and non banks to connect 3rd party platforms and applications easier...

Fidor’s products are our cores.
We have five pillars with different orientations:

No-Stack Banking


Business Process Outsourcing

All-in-one solution for making banking easier. We work hand in hand: You use our EU banking licence and technology as a shared infrastructure and you put your customer experience simply on top of our APIs. We offer a full solution which makes it possible to run a digital bank. Modern, smart and unique: We condense on all banking issues; you take care about your customers.

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Financial Services

Digital Banking Accelerator  

Banking as a Platform

Customer-centric is self-evident. You can use any standard digital banking functionalities and it is expandable to its modular design. With your existing banking license and our innovative platform FidorOS, you can concentrate on your everyday working life and we make it run in the background. 



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Payments Avenue


Payment as a Service

The fidorOS platform is geared to handle your payments activities including user and account management, payments flows so that you can focus on your core business expertise and benefit from a highly digital and cost effective solution when it comes to payments management. Our business model based on pay as you group makes it easier to scale.

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Fidor API Banking

Banking through our APIs

Supporting your business with automation and innovation.
Our APIs are not only easy to use
and implement into your business, but they are also the driver for the whole banking experience, payment and for community features or 3rd party services. If you use FidorOS, you get in touch with our APIs – the system is based in them. 



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Finance Bay

Banking as a Marketplace

A full service market place for financial apps. Ready to integrate into the FidorOS customer interface. Ready to fulfill the promise of a real consumer-centric banking experience. Fidor Finance Bay allows consumers to easily select from a wide range of services and apps to individually customize and contextually consume their financial services. 



Build your own App Store

The power of our fidorOS platform

With these options above, we make it possible to run a bank successfully and we can adapt to almost any individual case. We call it next generation banking.
When we designed fidorOS – our cutting-edge digital platform using open APIs – it quickly became a breakthrough for the next generation of banking. Fidor’s products and solutions include an API infrastructure on top of an existing core infrastructure. This solution enables a digital banking ecosystem for digital brands as well as developers and Fintechs to easily plug into the platform and offer their own financial products. 
Today, we serve a wide range of sectors including banks, telecoms, and ecommerce clients.

We support your
Business globally

Fidor worldwide

At Fidor, we work seamlessly together as one firm to serve our clients wherever they need us. We make our collective knowledge, experience and global network available to our clients in Europe, US and Asia Pacific region. 

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