Digital Banking Platform

The Fidor Operating System (fOS) is an open digital banking platform built to integrate legacy and modern fintech sytems via a managed API gateway.

Fidor’s products are our cores.
We have five pillars with different orientations:

Digital Banking Accelerator  

Banking as a Platform

Launch a digital bank in under a year. Bring your banking license (and bring your legacy core as well, if you like) and Fidor handles the rest. You get full banking logic, loyalty, social forum, analytics, back-office, and API gateways and more.


Bank as a Service BaaS

White Label Bank

Not a bank but want to act like one? Throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, Fidor can provide you with a white label bank solution covering bank license, technology, compliance, risk management and customer servicing. You do the marketing, we’ll customise, deploy and operate your bank.


Fidor Payments Avenue

Payment as a Service

The fidorOS platform is geared to handle your payments activities including user and account management, payments flows so that you can focus on your core business expertise and benefit from a highly digital and cost effective solution when it comes to payments management. Our business model based on pay as you group makes it easier to scale.

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Fidor API Banking

Banking through our APIs

Supporting your business with automation and innovation.
Our APIs are not only easy to use
and implement into your business, but they are also the driver for the whole banking experience, payment and for community features or 3rd party services. If you use FidorOS, you get in touch with our APIs – the system is based in them. 


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Finance Bay

The FinServ Marketplace

A growing marketplace of financial apps, ready to integrate into any API-enabled bank operating system (and pre-integrated into fidorOS). Be a platform that owns the customer; provide any and all of the “fintech” products and services your clients seek. Build your own app store and stay ahead of the pack. 


your own App Store

The power of fidorOS

fidorOS is a service oriented modular set of banking logic infused with and surrounded by open, managed APIs, enabling world-class straight through processing of flexible customer experiences. Personal loans, from application to disbursement in under 60 seconds? Yes. Interest rates tied to Facebook likes? Yes. Scoring algorithms informed by social media profiles? Yes. Dozens of fintechs on a plug’n’play marketplace? Yes. These things are just possible, they’re already real and in production for years. 

We support your
Business globally

Fidor Worldwide
Fidor Solutions is a global firm operating across Europe, the UK, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia.  As we expand, we do not so much choose markets to enter but people and companies with which to partner. Our mission is to enable innovators to provide better banking, worldwide. 

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