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Check out Fidor's customer centered products that enable you to run your digital bank successfully.

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Fidor's Digital Banking Accelerator (DBA) is a suite of products and services tailored to your business requirements to get your digital bank business going and run it efficiently.

Use your existing banking license and build a state-of-the art digital bank based on Fidor’s innovative platform, fidorOS.

So you can sit back and focus on managing the day to day of running your business – simple!

Mobile and web communication platforms such as mobile apps and an easy to use-web content management system, digital communication postbox to customer, community solutions, data analytics, loyalty services and prediction models provide the building blocks for your digital banking business.

We help banking businesses of every size attract, communicate with and retain customers online - contextual and customer centered.

Digital Banking Accelerator - modules and technical infrastructure

Fidor's Digital Banking Accelerator is a suite of white-label ready, responsive web and native apps and API enabled application modules for
Digital Banking and Community.

It provides all the standard digital banking functionalities and is expandable
thanks to its modular design.

It is designed to integrate and work seamlessly with your Core Banking System,
running on-premise in your data centers
or in the cloud.


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