No-Stack Banking

A complete Software-as-a-Service solution for digital banking with a license shelter from Fidor Bank.

  Kick-start your financial services with No-Stack Banking™

We offer a complete Software-as-a-Service solution shared infrastructure comparable to a private cloud solution for Digital Banking for startups and for non-banks wanting to offer banking service for their customers. We provide our technology as shared infrastructure comparable to a private cloud solutions  and you simply build your customer experience on top of our APIs using our templates for native and responsive apps. With No-Stack Banking we not only offer technology,  but also a license shelter, customer support, card services and marketing. We offer the “full stack” of banking services needed to run a digital bank.


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No-Stack banking - that's how we call it

Fidor provides the foundation of the unique "No-Stack Banking” white-label cloud solution based on API services to help you build new digital banking services - as a one-stop-shopping model.

Use Fidor's "No-Stack Banking” services for adding digital banking capabilities as a service easy to address to your customers.

How Fidor Enables No-Stack Banking


1. You design the native and responsive apps, using our APIs

2. We provide the technology

3. We provide license shelter and banking services

4. We manage the regulations and compliance

5. Our services are a feature of your solution

6. We offer additional services like design, UX, customer service analytics

7. You pay as you grow

No-Stack Banking™

  • Partners can focus on customer base and core business, Fidor takes care of all banking issues.


  • No regulatory involvement or risk to partners due to Fidor’s Banking License. Fidor Bank is a fully audited and compliant partner taking care of all regulatory issues.


  • No technological investment needed besides creating the User Interface.


Truly differentiating | …customer experience that offers a comprehensive suite of financial products and services (Celent Report 2015)


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