Fidor's BaaS
Bank as a Service

​A complete Business Process Outsourcing for your digital banking with a license shelter from Fidor Bank.

What is Bank as a Service - BaaS?

Fidor provides the foundation of the unique "Bank as a Service” white-label cloud solution based on API services to help you build new digital banking services - as a one-stop-shopping model.

We offer a complete Business Proces Outsourcing services shared infrastructure comparable to a private cloud solution for Digital Banking for startups and for non-banks wanting to offer banking service for their customers. You simply build your customer experience on top of our APIs using our templates for native and responsive apps. With Fidor's Bank as a Service we not only offer technology,  but also a license shelter, customer support, card services and marketing. We offer the “full stack” of banking services needed to run a digital bank.

Our Banking Expertise

You focus on your core business, Fidor takes care of all banking issues.


No regulatory involvement or risk thanks to Fidor’s Banking License. Fidor Bank is a fully audited taking care of all regulatory issues.

Cost effective

No technological investment needed besides creating the User Interface. Fidor will use their own platform to run your bank.

Bank as a Service by Fidor

1. You design the native and responsive apps, using our APIs
2. We provide the technology
3. We provide license shelter and banking services
4. We manage the regulations and compliance
5. Our services are a feature of your solution
6. We offer additional services like design, UX, customer service analytics
​7. You pay as you grow

6 min. full digital on-boarding

From its launch, O2 Banking made it easy and very fast for customers to enroll by using video identification.

60 second banking

With the 60 second banking, O2 makes it possible for customers to quickly enroll, get a instant loan or transact.

Data as a form of reward

O2 Banking has been designed for Millennials who enjoy banking on the move and have an emotional connection with their mobile phone. For this reason, O2 Banking provides rewards as a form of free Data in line with their customers expectations.


O2 Banking

The smartphone-turned-bank

A full German bank account, including a MasterCard with a contactless function. Fast registration with O2 customer data and identification via Video Identification. An intuitive, mobile user interface. Transactions can be made with phone numbers or emails and modern features, such as a detailed overview of transactions, small instant loans, and push notifications.

Within 12 months O2 has introduced the first mobile banking app with full banking services to their customer base. O2 is now able to upsell data volumes for banking app usage by increasing customer life time value. Release 1 is just the start of a joint service roadmap. More to come very soon..

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