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Get inspired by the already existing Fidor products and take a look at all our won awards.



Press Releases

Another unique characteristic of Fidor is the transparency about all decisions made in the bank. We share those with our customers in the form of press releases. 



The synergy of all these points made Fidor a heavily-decorated bank with awards from many different competitions  and forums. 


Fidor Community

The core of Fidor is the community with hundreds of thousands of users who share their thoughts, advice and questions about money and savings.


Corporate Customers

We also wanted to give corporate customers the chance to have access to customer-centric banking and community exchange among entrepreneurs. 



Fidor Bank | United Kingdom

UK Market

Fidor also launched in the UK market in september 2015 with great success. Offering savings bonds and a current account including a Fidor Mastercard available. More is to follow in the coming months.


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Even our British customers have the opportunity to stay updated by reading the news published in the press in English. 



Take a peek at all our awards. 


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Fidor Banking is a unique way to deal with your money.
Our customers have multiple opportunities to raise a fortune and invest their money.

Precious metals and foreign currencies are only two of many interesting ways to make your money work for you.

In the case of you needing some money for any investment, Fidor is also the right provider to satisfy your requirements.

You can check out the functions of Fidor Bank with our

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Truly differentiating | …customer experience that offers a comprehensive suite of financial products and service (Celent Report 2015)

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Exceeding standards | …in revenue growth, promoting innovative business.
(World Economic Forum)

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Customer focused |  programs and trainings on how to run a bank successfully.

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