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Fidor’s services are our cores.
We have three pillars to support your project:

Professional Services

You search first-hand experiences in designing and building digital banking business? Use our Professional Services and benefit from our experience in banking and our expertise from the ground up. Homemade recipes for digital banking technology, digital banking processes, digital banking community, go-to market strategies and sustainable business plans. We know your pain points and help you in overcoming technology and business hurdles.

Consulting Services

Getting it done, hassle-free

Got a digital banking project in mind? The Fidor Project Delivery team is here to make it happen.

From Feasibility Study to Planning, from Implementation to Training; we are here to help you achieve desired outcomes in a value adding and sustainable manner.


Managed Services

You search the key for your perfect business solution? Ask our experts to get your idea running – we help and support it with On-Demand assistance or a Full Service staffing engagement. With our strong-focused B2C aspects related to your digital bank business we want to work customer-centered and efficiently from the beginning. Measrure ROI from the the beginning.


Fidor Bootcamp's to speed up your teams 

Fidor offers programs like "How to get the first 1.000 customers" or bootcamps ("how to run community banking successfully") to learn more about the innovative Fidor social banking concept. Fidor will give you the hands on approach you need and at even higher levels, so you can be the most successful digital banking organization in your market.

Farming digital banking customers - efficiently

Fidor offers digital services and API connects to 3rd party tools for financial service providers such as:
•    Customer-centered community software
•    mobile banking apps
•    responsive content management system (CMS)
•    tailor-made loyalty program
•    digital customer postbox  (eBox)
•    Fidor product content configurator

Fidor does not only deliver banking solutions, we offer customer-centric marketing solutions such as:

•    data lake: analytics and prediction models 
•    marketing automation services
•    sales tracking & data collection services
•    User Experience (UX) 

Ready. Set. Go.

Maximize the return from your digital banking offer – customise the level of Fidor solutions – think about consulting services needed for your project or on-going efforts.

“How to get the first 1.000 customers”, “How to run community banking successfully” and more – these are Fidor’s programs and bootcamps. Boost your digital banking project you have in mind: Our Project Delivery team is here to make it happen and learn more about the innovative Fidor social banking concept.

Become the most successful digital banking organisation in your market with our support and the co-working with Fidor’s experts. From how to run a community, which KPIs to follow, how to act and how to react to community customers: We transfer our knowledge to you to maximise community features and ensure your success.


We support your
Business globally.

Fidor worldwide

Fidor Solutions has no boundaries. We work seamlessly together as one firm to serve our clients wherever they need us. We make our collective knowledge, experience and global network available to our clients in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and the APAC region.

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