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Better, faster, cost-effective

At Fidor Solutions, we’re all about getting it done. We’ve been there, we’ve done that. We eat our own cooking. We’re not here to drag out man-days and jack up billings. We’re agile and outcome-driven. From Feasibility Studies to MVP development to Project Delivery and Training, we get it done.


Learn from our expertise

Got a digital banking project in mind? The Fidor Consultancy team is here to make it happen. We run a 4 weeks Inception study where we help you design your concept from the ground up: banking offerings, risks and compliance, technology, UX and more.


Need Sub-Heading Here

Fidor can deploy your digital bank on-premise or into a managed cloud. We do Compliance-as-a-Service and offer Customer Service Desks and even outsourced digital bank Marketing as a service. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; let’s roll!

Ready. Set. Go


Define and get to your target faster. Become the leading digital
bank in your market with the support of the world-level model bank.
We’ll show you how to develop a community, which KPIs to track,
how to market your offering and how to grow your business.
We transfer our knowledge to maximize your success.

We support your
Business globally

Fidor Worldwide

Fidor Solutions is a global firm operating across Europe, the UK, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia.  As we expand, we do not so much choose markets to enter but people and companies with which to partner. Our mission is to enable innovators to provide better banking, worldwide. 

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