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We bring your project to life

We are bankers, technologists and strategists with an entrepreneurial mindset. We come from various industries – banking, gaming, retail, hospitality – with only one focus in mind: the customer.

Our passion for FinTech led us on the incredible journey of building our own challenger bank: Fidor Bank, with more than half-a-million members. The success of Fidor Bank comes from our customer-centric culture coupled with fidorOS (fOS), our open banking platform that leads industry transformation.

The high performance of fOS generated innovative collaborations with bankers, retailers, telecom operators and more, to create groundbreaking customer-centric banks. We bring you banking, technology, customer engagement and go-to-market expertise through Fidor group entities: Fidor Solutions, Fidor Bank and Fidor Factory.


Meet the Fidor Group


As a service company, we design solutions tailored to your needs.
Every project we create has its own uniqueness. The services below are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can do for you!


Bank as a platform

We plug fidorOS into your existing infrastructure. giving you a light-speed digital banking platform.  You increase your openness, speed and innovation while offering your customers a deeper and more satisfying experience.

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Bank as a service

Launch a new bank in a few months. Our white-label BaaS makes it possible, using your banking license. Whether you’re building a challenger bank or adding banking services to a consumer-led organization, we’ll help you expand your business model into new sources of customer satisfaction – and revenue.

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Payment as a service

Eliminate your compliance and regulatory hassles! We process your payment flows and card and account management requirements so you can focus on your core activities.

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Banking on Community

Fidor's key vision for a better banking experience gave birth to a new kind of community: a digital trusted place where anyone can ask financial questions, increase their financial literacy, share their knowledge with peers and be rewarded.  

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Enjoy a true example of successful Bank/FinTech collaboration. Fidor’s marketplace offers a curated collection of FinTech, InsurTech, TradeTech and tools – all available from one central place for total customer convenience.

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API & Sandbox

Access dedicated resources for developers and partners to explore our APIs and Sandbox: documentation, videos, API description and sandbox access in addition to a discussion forum.  

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