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Not a bank but want to act like one? Fidor can provide you with a white-label bank solution covering technology, compliance, risk management, go to market strategy and customer service. You take care of your own brand and choose the key products of your choice, we will customise, deploy and run your bank.

Bank as a Service - BaaS

You can bring your unique digital banking concept to life quickly and easily. Fidor provides the foundation for a unique Bank-as-a-Service white-label cloud solution powered by open API to make your vision reality.

We offer a complete Business Process Outsourcing service that caters to your needs, including:

  • Banking expertise and products
  • Experience with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) risk and compliance
  • Dedicated customer service
  • SaaS, AWS and private cloud deployment

Perfect fit for Challenger Banks

Bank-as-a-Service by Fidor is the perfect solution for challenger banks that want to leverage the cloud's power to go to market faster – no waiting time, no hassle with AML or regulatory compliance. We provide an end-to-end solution, providing you with banking expertise, technology and go-to-market strategy. You build your customer experience on top of our APIs – using our templates for native and responsive apps – or plugin your existing channels. We back you up with our platform and a full range of services dedicated to running a comprehensive digital bank.


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The convergence of consumer-led organisations

The retail, airline, automotive, insurance or telecom companies are all impacted alike by digitalization. A key advantage, though, is the privileged relationship and attachment your customers have with you. This approach offers you the opportunity to provide people who already know and trust your essential banking services.
Fidor brings this vision to life with its Bank-as-a-Service concept. We provide the banking expertise you need to realize your banking project. You focus on your branding concept and key offerings. Your customers enjoy special rewards – maybe even ones they could get only from you.
Our business models put banking functions and a marketplace of other financial options right in your customers’ hands. Not only do they benefit, but you benefit, too, as you gain a better understanding of your customers’ needs, buying patterns and behaviour.

Key features

   Current account with physical and virtual branded cards

   60 seconds banking for payments: P2P, SEPA.

   Credit cards, instant emergency loans, overdraft protection

   Security: coverage for up to 100,000 euros, customer control can activate-deactivate their cards at convenience

   Loyalty and rewards in the form of cashback, miles, vouchers, data or anything else you choose

   A marketplace for partner offerings: crowdfunding, trading and more


The below is far from being an exhaustive list of benefits you will enjoy:


Customer retention and loyalty

Unlike traditional core systems, fidorOS makes it easy to converge different business models and give something back to the customer in the form of cashback, miles, free data, vouchers or something unique to your business model.


Off-the-shelf banking products

Your customers can receive a full set of banking products ready to be deployed, including current account, physical and virtual cards, payments and P2P, credit products and more.


Data-drive architecture

Current accounts reveal unexpected customer purchase behaviours and patterns that consumer-led organizations can leverage for future marketing initiatives.

Quick time to market

The power of the cloud coupled with customizable white-label solutions makes it possible to go live in less than six months.





Licensing or Pay as you grow

Flexible payment terms to ensure you pay for a fair service based on customers usage.

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