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Where do customers go for financial advice? Some go to friends, some to family, some to the web and some to their bank. What if you could give them a way to access all four – right on a platform that enhances their loyalty to you and brings you deeper insight into their wants and needs?

That’s what Fidor offers you. Fidor re-created customers’ trusted social network with our online community forum – one place where customers can both discuss financial topics with people they choose to trust, and bank with you at the same time.


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A community to engage in a friendly manner

Fidor genuinely seeks the best ways to serve customers. While setting up Fidor Bank, we noticed that digitally savvy customers wanted more than just traditional banking services; they wanted knowledge and ways to increase their money. We created Fidor community with this in mind. We created:

  • A community of close to a million members
  • A community that brings members financial knowledge
  • A community that motivates members to be active and inquisitive about their finances by offering rewards for asking or answering questions or suggesting products

We created a community that rethinks banking the way customers want it! 


A platform for organic customer acquisition

Fidor's community platform goes beyond the concept of a forum. It is the foundation of our open banking concept, blending social engagement with banking features available in an open environment.

It operates jointly with the fidorOS platform, enabling a seamless experience. It’s the first touchpoint with your customers and remains present throughout their journey. It builds trust and confidence. It grows organically like any other human relationship. And it offers you the ability to build your own community.


Want to create your own community?

Key features

   Compelling features motivate community involvement: Social media features such as status badges and reward points for asking or answering questions or posting videos or product reviews motivate users to be active in the community.

   Community involvement deepens engagement with your brand: With your banking platform seamlessly integrated with users’ trusted community, your brand not only enjoys increased trust, but also increased visibility and use.

   Data-driven insights: As users interact in the community, they generate data that gives you a deeper understanding of their questions and needs.

   Unlimited potential: Being API-based, the possibilities it offers for innovative ways to deepen user engagement with your brand is limitless.

   Seamlessly integration with the fidorOS banking platform




Digital Trust

Fidor’s community offers customers a digital social network where they can follow or take inspiration from people they trust.


Valuable Data Insights

Eliminate guessing about what customers want. They show you! The groups they create based on interests lets them organically segment themselves.


Effective co-creation with customers

Fidor’s community platform is a true example of bank/customers co-creation. The platform makes it easy for members to rate products and make comments and suggestions that help you improve their banking experience and deepen their loyalty to you.


Social Banking

Digitally savvy customers live a social life in a highly connected environment. Providing a forum reflects their social habits and gives you a competitive edge.


Fast response

Community response is faster than any customer service. It frees customers from waiting in queues or on the phone to ask a relationship manager basic customer service questions. The community handles such questions for you much faster than you ever could!


Integrated into the fOS platform

Fidor’s community works in conjunction with the fidorOS digital banking platform to provide a seamless experience, like converting rewards into instant cash.

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