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Getting to know APIs?

APIs are interfaces for electronic data exchange. They allow efficient and secure access to systems and services of organisations in order to connect business processes and thus create value chains across organisations.

Fidor offers APIs for:
Banking | Payment | Credit | Card Management | User Management
Community | Scoring | Integrated Services | 3rd Party Services

APIs are products. Developers are customers. Fidor APIs were designed with the developer in mind. That is why we adopted Internet standards set by global players like Uber, PayPal,  Facebook and Google.

Recent regulatory initiatives like PSD2 and the UK Open Banking Standard follow that route, too.

I.  Give your business customers easy and secure access to the banking infrastructure to automate their business processes via APIs

II. Integrate 3rd party services in your own offerings to enrich and deepen the relevance to retail and corporate customers via APIs

Fidor has a user friendly developer portal which supports all steps from learning with demo apps, app registration, sandbox, team management, approval process to app management, logging and debugging. End customer access is possible too. Enjoy testing against our APIs.

Say hello to Open Banking

APIs and Fidor Bank? One element, but for most of the customers the decisive one. They allow for automation and innovation and make it easy to integrate with third parties. 

Understanding Fidor's APIs...
- They provide a modular extensible and standardised interface to all fidorOS functions. 
- They support a lot of functions around banking and payment, as well as many community features and 3rd party services.  
- Fidor APIs are RESTful, support JSON and utilize OAuth 2. 
- They are the base of the whole FidorOS Technology Stack and are designed to work seamlessly with existing core banking system via APIs as well. 
- Fidor's omnichannel front-end framework is also fully API driven.

Get started with Fidor's API Banking

You want to develop a financial application and test it against banking transactions? Fidor offers an easy-to-use RESTful JSON API. 

Connect in minutes and start using it.

1. Check documentation

Sure, real programmers don’t need documentation but some of us are happy to have a helping hand or at least a reference when things go wrong.


Get Information

2. Access our APIs

Only few more steps to access our APIs, download our app manager and start testing your app in our environment: internal or SEPA transfers, retrieve information and more.


Access our APIs

API Security

API security is provided at different levels: It starts with web security through an existing firewall, load balancing and business continuity technologies.

Access security is provided by risk managing static and dynamic scopes, configurations for Oauth 2, IP restrictions, access and refresh tokens, device management (in particular for mobile devices) and 2nd factor authentication services.

Operational security is supported by approval processes, rights and role models and backoffice solutions.

Additional security is provided through technologies against fraud, money laundery and other threats provided by 3rd party solutions that are connected to fidorOS.