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Established banks with entrenched legacy systems face challenges in adapting to the speed of digital change, evolving customer behaviors and maintaining a profitable growth. Fidor has designed Digital Banking Accelerator to boost your transformation into a growing digital bank. You focus on the customer experience and enjoy new capabilities for growth!

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The right path to become a digital bank

Functioning as a true digital bank requires speed, easy integration with third parties, innovation and the skills needed to nurture a digital culture that gains customer trust. We have met those requirements time and time again. We bring you that expertise in running banks in the digital world, packed into our cutting-edge fidorOS open banking platform.

We packed all the essential functions you need to accelerate your digital transformation. Fidor’s Digital Banking Accelerator offers you:

A suite of white-label ready and responsive web and native apps

An API integration layer to seamlessly plug into your existing core or Enterprise Service Bus

A middleware layer with API-enabled modules for:
> On-boarding
> Banking, payment and account management
> Customer management
> Data management
> Card management
> Analytics
> Loyalty programs
> Credit
> Third-party applications management
> Fidor Market,marketplace for innovative offerings

And that’s just the beginning.

2-speed architecture

The fidorOS middleware layer enables a “2-speed architecture” that unleashes the real-time experience required to bank in the digital world. Modules in the fidorOS platform interact with each other in real time, reducing the need to involve your core banking system in every single customer interaction. Most essential functions are powered within the fOS platform, making it easy to provide instant transactions and payments, instant disbursement of emergency loans and more – without you having to engage in time-intensive upgrades to your legacy system.


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Key features

   Five-minute digital on-boarding through video, ID scan or post-identification


   60-second payments enable P2P, send-to-email or send-to-phone-book transfers and more

  Credit products include credit card, emergency loans, overdraft protection and more

   Community and social interactions that promote deeper customer engagement

   Fidor Market, marketplace gives your customers access to crowdlending, bitcoin trading and more

  Security features include card activation/deactivation, real-time notifications and more


The below is far from being an exhaustive list of benefits you will enjoy.


Core Banking Agnostic

Compatibility is not an issue. fidorOS plugs into any core banking system, including proprietary and leading core banking brands.


Open API for easy integration

Free yourself from having to keep up with rapidly evolving technology. We make sure your banking technology seamlessly evolves as technology does.


Off-the-shelf banking products

Save yourself the time and hassle of developing new products. A full set of banking products are at your disposal, ready to be deployed, including current account, physical and virtual cards, payments and P2P, credit products and more.


Licensing or Pay as you grow

Keep your investment in line with your return from it. Flexible payment terms ensure you pay for a fair service based on your customers usage.


Fidor Market: your marketplace

Enjoy new revenue streams. This fully functional marketplace offers your customers access to FinTech, InsurTech and TradeTech products, bringing you convenience, speeding your time to market and providing you with subscription-based revenues.


On premises, SaaS, AWS or private cloud

Choose from a variety of deployment models, based on country regulation and your preference.

Discover a new era of open banking

Fidor’s Digital Banking Accelerator is the perfect solution for banks that want to offer modern-day banking and position themselves for the open banking revolution represented by PSD2 and UK open banking standards. As an early adopter of open APIs, Fidor transformed the industry with a can-do attitude. Beyond concepts, we were first to market with our APIs and Sandbox, and we use state-of-the-art technology, such as RESTful with JSON data sets and OAuth authentication.

This vision for openness is part of the DNA of Fidor’s corporate culture. It drives our concept of community banking and co-creation with customers, our open banking fidorOS platform and our ecosystem of partners to provide what’s best in the market to customers.

Adopting open banking unleashes new possibilities. The only limits you have are the ones you yourself set.

Open API      Open Community Forum      Open Collaboration


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Fidor’s white-label bank solution can provide you with all you need to function as a bank:

  • Bank license across Europe
  • State-of-the-art banking technology
  • Assured compliance with banking regulations
  • Experienced risk management
  • Proven go-to-market strategy
  • Dedicated customer service

You focus on your brand and choose key products you want to offer. We’ll customize, deploy and run your bank.

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