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Onboard customers in less than five minutes. Lead with a frictionless experience and a minimum number of clicks.


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Onboard Customers in Less than 5 Minutes!

The onboarding process is your first touchpoint with the customer, yet today it presents many challenges for banks, from customer friction to a high cost of acquisition. This is before customers even get to experience your banking offering. Lengthy processes and manual intervention for identity and risks checks all contribute to slowing down the acquisition of new customers.


Fidor Digital Onboarding brings innovative ways to engage and onboard customers in a friendly yet compliant manner right from their smart devices, web and mobile, increasingly the primary channel for onboarding new customers.


Digitize Back-office Support & Lower Cost to Income Ratio!

Currently, Incumbent banks possess an operational back-office process that incurs high costs and takes a huge amount of time and workforce to initiate and support the onboarding process through manual intervention.

But with the back-office process digitized, banks can effortlessly innovate with new digital partners and release a completely new process at 10x lower cost.


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Key features

 Configuration over  Customization 

  • Have multiple process configuration for different channels, segments and sectors
  • Seamlessly add or remove steps including custom fields 
  • Easily change  the sequence of the workflow 
  • Easily change adapters to different providers

 Lower Cost of Maintenance

  • Adopt Automated processes to reduce manual interventions
  • Achieve 5x to 10x Lower Costs on changes ( in comparison with Traditional Coding and Traditional Workflow Configuration)

 Analytics to Maximize KYC

  • Out of the box, analytics to quickly identify high customer friction points during the Onboarding process  to reduce customer drop-off rate

 Omni-Channel Flexibility

  • Streamline Onboarding through any channel with consistent  UI
  • Save and resume application from app to web interchangeably

 Better Support via BackofficeX

  • Gain assistance with Onboarding clients manually
  • Edit client data to handle support efficiently
  • Track all changes through Full audit trail



Improve your Conversion Rate and Reach

When onboarding a new customer, time is key as a prospect can easily abandon a slow onboarding process. But with our simplified approach, a customer can onboard in five minutes or less for any bank that usually took days for customer verification processes, thereby decreasing drop-off rate and improving customer conversion rate. In addition, customers can onboard through any channel or through Bank’s partners yielding higher reach and lesser churn rate.


Orchestrate Localised Onboarding

Fidor Digital Onboarding enables a seamless customer experience where customers do not need to switch media to go through the process of opening an account. Everything can be done from a single device on a single screen. An array of onboarding methodologies helps cater to various regional and banking regulations: Selfie onboarding, ID scan, e-signature and much more.


Adapt End to End Automation

With Digital Onboarding, you can automate and accelerate processes with a direct impact on operational efficiency. It enables frictionless data collection, automated compliance checks, and instant opening of a Bank account. The  Layered Onboarding Process is designed to allow the bank to quickly onboard a customer of an existing product to a new product.


Streamline Process to Fit for Purpose 

We cater different onboarding process for different banking products and streamline each process to ask the minimal data required for each product. 


Maximize Cross-sell & Up-sell  

Allow customers to re-use their data when onboarding to different products and easily configure review or skip policies for different types of customer data to avoid unnecessary friction.

Review & Change Process Easily

Did you receive a New Regulation that impacts onboarding? A New Internal Policy to collect more or fewer data as part of onboarding? You learnt from Analytics the churn points and want to streamline your onboarding process? We help you address all these questions by empowering you to easily configure your process and change it while maintaining consistency across customers.

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