Fidor Managed Services - the key to business innovation

3,2,1 go - Take advice from our experts to get your business running. Whether you need On-Demand assistance in a time of need or a Full Service staffing engagement, we’re happy to help.

  Supporting your team with Managed Services

With Fidor’s Managed Services you can get a turnkey approach to your digital banking business. Our Managed Services strongly focus on all b2c apects related to your digital bank business and share "Fidor Concept" insights. Fidor consults you to run your bank customer-centered and efficiently from the beginning.

Our design thinking, positioning and branding strategies build compelling propositions for your digital bank. We do not only focus on go to market strategies, but Fidor Managed Services help to further centralize and standardize digital marketing activities such as social sommunicationssales campaigning and customer loyaltity drawing on a deep pool of analytics.

With help of Fidor Managed Services you can better understand customer behavior, increase quality of campaign execution and measure ROI from the beginning.

Fidor Bootcamp's to speed up your teams

Fidor offers programms like "How to get the first 1.000 customers" or bootcamps like "how to run community banking successfully" to learn more about the innovative Fidor social banking concept. Fidor will give you the hands on approach you need and at even higher levels, so you can be the most successful digital banking organization in your market.

Maximize the return from your digital banking offer and customize the level of Fidor solutions and consulting services needed for your project or on-going efforts.

Managing customer identities

Fidor managed services include all customer communication, sales and loyality topics you need to be aware off as digital marketeer. We can offer support from the first customer touchpoint to the daily customer requests and create a digital 360° perspective on the customer journey.

We engage for your business:

  • Set up and define your own communication and branding strategy
  • Optimize your digital sales and data collection funnel
  • Get to know your customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Collect the most important business data and analyse what your customers need.

Farming digital banking customers - efficiently

Managing digital banking customer identities demand state of the art software suites created for a digital world. Fidor offers digital services and API connects to 3rd party tools for financial service providers such as:

  • customer centered community software
  • mobile banking apps
  • responsive content management system (CMS)
  • tailor made loyalty programm
  • digital customer post box  (eBox)
  • Fidor product content configurator

Fidor does not only deliver banking software solutions,but also strong customer-centric marketing solutions such as:

  •  data lake: analytics and prediction models
  • marketing automation services
  • sales tracking & data collection services
  • User Exprerience (UX) 

The Fidor 1st 1000 user program

The best new sofware solution does not generate value if you do not have a plan, tools and KPIs to grow your customer base effectivly - from the beginning. Fidor knows and delivers all the tools and services customized to your needs.


The Fidor community bootcamp

Learn how to run a community, which KPIs to follow, how to act and how to react to community customers - our 3-day-bootcamp enables you as a partner with the necessary skills to maximize community features.



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