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  Fidor consulting services

We know your pain points 

Fidor technology and business professionals have first-hand experiences in designing and building digital banking businesses.

Fidor consulting is here to support you in overcoming technology and business hurdles.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create homemade recipes for:

  • Digital banking technology
  • Digital banking processes
  • Digital banking community
  • Go-to market strategies
  • Sustainable business plans

Fidor digital banking setup

Getting it done, hassle-free

Got a digital banking project in mind? The Fidor Project Delivery team is here to make it happen.

From Feasibility Study to Planning, from Implementation to Training;

we are here to help you achieve desired outcomes in a value adding and sustainable manner.

Fidor security audit and compliance & advisory

Our focus is to deliver stable, secure and scalable IT-infrastructure services to internal and external customers. The mission statement here is customer-centric service and SLA orientation.

Furthermore, Fidor offers extensive knowledge of financial services compliance, governance and regulation - valuable guidance for your banking business.

Fidor Hosting Services

Fidor offers state of the art hosting services for the digital banking setup.

We know how to host your services according to regulatory and compliance needs and demands of your market. We do understand those requirements and match them to our hosting strategy and setup.

Data Center Strategy

All live and performance relevant systems do have a complete redundant, real time-mirrored active data center setup in two different data center locations.

  • Multi -ISP ( 8 Providers) DC Internet Backbone, with 2 x 10 GB and 2 x 1 GB dedicated Uplink per DC
  • Complete IP ranges ( 8 x Class C networks)
  • Professional DDOS Protection by Akamai Prolexic
  • CDN Features available on demand
  • High performance layer 2/3 firewall clusters with additional full scope IPS and IDS functionality


  • High performance Layer 7 WAF (Web Application Firewall) cluster with additional intelligent self learning load balancer functionalities
  • Firewall controlled WEB DMZ
  • Load balanced web server nodes with extended SSL certificates and strongest SSL security setup (SLLlabs Rating A+)
  • Firewall controlled APP DMZ
  • Load balanced application & service server nodes
  • Firewall controlled DB Server DMZ
  • High performance n-node DB cluster nodes with real time date replication


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