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Why Fidor?

The name Fidor derives from the Latin word for trust. We created Fidor Bank, a digital-only bank based around community forums, in the midst of the banking crisis. Why? More open and transparent banking was sorely needed.

Our strategy had technology at its core, and we bet on APIs from the start. When we designed fidorOS – a cutting-edge digital platform using open APIs – it quickly set the pattern for the next generation of banking.

We take pride in staying at the forefront of digital innovation, and partner with banks and consumer organizations that share our vision of giving consumers a more relevant and rewarding banking experience.

Fidor Solutions focuses on providing solutions. Our unique offering combines banking expertise with consulting services that guide you from designing your digital bank concept to helping you recruit your first 1,000 customers to providing our technology to efficiently run your bank.

We help existing financial, retail and telecom institutions – as well as startup banks –bring digital technology to the heart of their businesses.


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"We are re-imagining everything about banking, building from the ground up.”


Celent recognises Fidor for new E-Commerce inspired Marketplace


Fidor joins consortium to create APIX, Asean's first cross border bank and fintech sandbox and marketplace


Fidor establishes Singapore entity for APAC expansion

Van Lanschot partners with Fidor to launch the first Payments Avenue

Groupe BPCE acquires Fidor
Bank and Fidor Solutions

Fidor Solutions
deploys internationally


Fidor establishes Dubai center of excellence for international markets


Fidor decides to carve out its technology department


EU banking license was granted

Our Team

Fidor’s success would not be possible without its employees, customers, leaders and investors. Who would have thought that one company could assemble such a unique collection of highly skilled professionals? Coming from the hospitality, gaming, financial and telecom industries, they united to create a better banking customer experience.


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About Fidor Solutions

Fidor Solutions provides the innovative digital backbone for Fidor Bank. In addition, we co-entrepreneur with partner banks as well as non-financial institutions and deliver the necessary technology, services and expertise to design and drive their own digital banking project.

Technology was at the core of Fidor strategy right from the start. We are a pioneer of Open API Banking and created fidorOS (fOS) – a cutting-edge digital platform using open APIs – which quickly opened the door into the next generation of banking.

Our core offerings include our Bank as a Service offering, the Digital Banking Accelerator, Fidor Payments Avenue and Fidor Market.


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Fidor Bank - A neo-bank taking Europe by storm

Fidor Bank is Europe’s original digital challenger bank. Founded in 2009 in Germany, Fidor became the world’s first “FinTech bank,” pioneering collaboration between traditional financial services and technology businesses.

Fidor Bank provides a customer-centric banking service with the possibilities of digitalization and Web 2.0. That means speed as well as modern products and services like crowdfunding, trading of virtual currencies and 60-second bank transfers.

Our banking concept offers consumers an online community in which they can give and receive financial advice, offering them rewards for doing so.

This personalized approach to banking gives every customer a voice in how the bank runs, as well as giving them unprecedented control. Discussing future interest rates or naming the account card the bank will use, for example, are just some of the options we’ve explored. 


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Growth of the Fidor online community has been extraordinary. It currently has close to a million members. Success has spawned expansion into international markets.


Fidor Factory

Fidor Factory GmbH is a digital agency that oversees all customer communications and services of Fidor Group globally. The company’s main activities include managing the group’s PR, communications and customer relationship management, as well as addressing direct customer dialogues.

As an in-house digital marketing solution specialist, Fidor Factory GmbH has been involved at all stages of Fidor Bank’s growth, from its beginning in Munich in 2009 to the roll-out of its offering across the globe. Fidor Factory GmbH is based in Berlin and Munich and is a 100% subsidiary of Fidor Bank AG.


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We belong to Groupe BPCE


Groupe BPCE pursues a full range of banking and insurance activities, working through its two major Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne cooperative banking networks and through its different subsidiaries.

Groupe BPCE, the 2nd largest banking group in France, has put down deep roots in its local markets. Its 108,000 employees serve a total of 31.2 million customers, 9 of whom have decided to become cooperative shareholders. The Group’s different subsidiaries pursue their activities in banking and insurance, tailoring their services as closely as possible to the needs of the individuals and regions they serve. With a total of 15 Banque Populaire banks, 17 Caisses d’Epargne, Natixis, Crédit Foncier, Banque Palatine, etc.,

Groupe BPCE offers its customers a comprehensive range of products and services: savings and investment solutions, cash management services, financing solutions, insurance, and wholesale banking services. Faithful to its status as a cooperative banking institution, the Group accompanies its customers in the realization of their different projects and develops long-lasting relationships with them, thereby contributing 20% to the drive to finance the French economy.


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Groupe BPCE has acquired Fidor in 2016 with the aim to speed its own digital strategy in addition to support Fidor's ambitious expansion plan.

Group Key Figures:

- 31 million customers
- 9 million cooperative shareholders
- 106,500 employees
- contributing 20% to the drive to finance the French economy

About Group BPCE

Financial Statements as of 31st December 2018



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