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The result of our work is game-changing innovation! We take pride is seeing the rewards of our co-creation. By being present at every step of your bank journey from inception to launch, we ensure success, growth and a path toward the future of digital finance.



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Every project starts with entrepreneurial thinking

Engage with us to kick off an inception phase that helps align your vision with our six key pillars for success:

  • business
  • technical
  • operational
  • compliance
  • customer journey
  • real business cases

Count on our team of experts to prototype and test innovations that fast-track your project launch. Our proven method helps us fully define your project and work towards a clear MVP, shrinking the time to go live. For example, we delivered o2 Banking by Telefonica Deutschland in less than six months.

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Quick time to market

Co-entrepreneur mindset

Constant Innovation

Digital Efficiency - STP

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Why collaborate with us?

We understand the journey of building a bank from scratch. We’ve done it ourselves.

We care most about what value it will bring to the customer. We engage only in projects that will make a difference, and will help you find ways to maximize that difference.

We strive for openness, trust and innovation, but, most importantly, we strive to be meaningful to our audiences and a valued partner to you during every step of your project.


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Industry Recognition 

Fidor has gained industry recognition for leading the digital banking transformation and enabling ways to bank differently. 

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