Fidor Bank

An amazing journey in creating a 2.0 digital bank that rewards and engages with customers through its community forum. Discover banking like you never though could be real!

Fidor Bank

Taking Europe by storm

Fidor Bank is Europe’s original, digital challenger bank.
Founded in 2009 in Germany, Fidor has become the
world’s first ‘fintech bank’, pioneering the collaboration
between traditional financial services and technology
businesses. Fidor Bank offers a customer-centric banking
service with the possibilities of digitalisation and web 2.0.

That means speed as well as modern products and services – like
crowdfunding, trading of virtual currencies and 60 second bank transfers.
The open API structure allows for an ever-growing offering to include various, innovative services. In this way Fidor Bank also acts as a marketplace for its customers, giving them access to a large selection of financial services, products and offerings through its partnerships.

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Exceptional customer engagement

The open banking concept provides an online community for people to provide and receive financial advice - incentivising users to do so through rewards such as cash, or improved current account and savings bond interest rates. The personalised approach to banking gives every customer a voice in how the bank is run, as well as giving them unprecedented control. For example: discussing the future interest rates, or naming the current account card that the bank will use, are just some of the options we’ve explored. Together with customers, we co-create and rethink the future of banking.


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fidorOS: enabler of 2.0 banking

The success of Fidor Bank is a combination of nurturing a digital culture and enabling it through cutting edge technology. It powers an entire digital bank. It enables 60 seconds banking. It expands through third pary offerings. It deploys very fast on the cloud.


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Key features

   Online Account with Digital MasterCard


   Instant Transfer to Friends


  Credit products: credit card, emergency loan, overdraft

   Deep customer engagement with community and social interactions

   Fidor Market: crowdlending, bitcoin trading...

  Security features: card activation / deactivation, real time notifications


The results below are far from the exhaustive list of benefits you will enjoy.


Deep customer engagement

Fidor managed to create a very special relationship with customers. A relationship similar to a fan club. Giving customers a voice and delivering banking the way they want it.


Open API for exceptional collaboration

As a first adopter of open APIs, Fidor's architecture evolves as technology does too. It enables easier ways of delivering third party offerings that customers want too.


Industry Recognition

Fintech and financial organisations have recognised Fidor's forward thinking in serving customers through cutting edge-technology. The bank was named Celent Model Bank 2015.


Organic growth

Fidor Bank is growing organically with a community of close to a million members. Customers continue to demand to bank on Fidor. The organisation pursues its expansion plan to bring its concept across Europe using its EU licence.


Fidor Market: a unique marketplace

Fidor was first to market to provide a direct-to-consumer marketplace that goes beyond banking. Customers enjoy managing their finances from a secure and trusted central place.


Faster expansion plan through Cloud

The power of Cloud makes it possible for Fidor to grow with a low investment operating all of its sites from the cloud.

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